Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 weeks left

wow it is insane to think that all I have left is 11 weeks, 9 months and 3 weeks ago I arrived and didn’t really know what was going on now 9 months and 3 weeks later I still don’t know what is going on…. lol just joking I am now a trainer and actually trained my first trainee.

so since I last updated it has been hectic busy not really with work but with life overall, so during that time I worked on 3 plays back to back, went to school, learned to be a trainer and worked.

Plays: so my last updated I told you about STAGE and Ernest will the director from “Ernest” asked me if I wanted to help on a play he was costume designing at a theatre in town so I helped out at Osceola Center for the Arts with their Christmas show “White Christmas” at the same time an actor from “Ernest” asked me to stage manage their Christmas show “Christmas Cabaret” so I was doing both plays at the same time, I was being shared half the week I was with Brian the Costume designer doing “White Christmas” and the other half of the week I was with Kimille doing “Christmas Cabaret” needless to say I forgot what a day off actually felt like, however both are now done and I am back to having time off so now I need to figure out what to do with my days off and nights.

School: I took a Disney course called "Entertainment Production” it was a 8 week course and it took us on a backstage tour of “Fantasmic” which was awesome, we also got to meet a lot of the producers and casting directors for Disney. My personal favourite networking day was getting to meet the artist of Mulan which is my favourite movie.

Trainer: So I did my Train the Trainer Training and it consist of one four hour class which was a bunch of e-learning and then listening to them tell us what a trainer is and does, then we did a 8 hour class that taught us how to teach and then took us to Mouse gears where we did a basics walk as trainers. the final step was a trainer shadow where I followed a trainer around and they told me how to train people.

Trainee: So after my Trainer shadow I had one day off and then the day after that I had a trainee her name was Becky and she is really nice and caught onto things fast so I think she will go far.

Work: So now that Christmas is sneaking up it is getting more busy and therefor we have more hours, Christmas day I will be working a 9 hour and 45 min day and on new years I get to be off at 5pm so I can see the fireworks.

Will that’s it for now;


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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Food and Wine, S.T.A.G.E, and work

So I joined the S.T.A.G.E club that Disney has to offer they are putting on “Importance of being Ernest” and when I was originally brought on I was to be one of the Assistant Stage Managers, but apparently what I was taught at school and what they see here are two different things so because I was doing more then what I was suppose to they moved me up to the Assistant Director job, which is a higher position then a Assistant Stage Manager. Every Tuesday-Saturday I have rehearsal so basically I go to work and after work I go straight to rehearsal meaning that I leave the house at 9 in the morning and get home at 11 at night, it is tiring but I am having a blast. I was asked if I wanted to help with costumes with a musical that a local theatre company is putting on so I will get a chance to see other people besides Disney people.

At Epcot right now is the Food and Wine Festival there are 28 different booths of different nations and each one has wine and some type of food and then there are a few booths of just beer, so that means we get very drunk people. I have tasted a few of them and it is not bad, I’m hoping to taste some more soon but right now it is busy and I run away after work.

At work we were giving Kidcot yesterday because attractions was so short staffed that they only ha 3 people on, it was a change of pace and a position that you do not get yelled at for sitting down at.

I also reapplied for a trainer position again so this will be take two and hopefully I can get it this time, my leaders are rooting for me and one told me that all the questions will be the same so at least I know what will be asked, just make sure I don’t tell anyone else the questions, but there was only one other person I was scared of applying since she is over the top happy but she is not so I stand a chance.

The weather is starting to cool down so that we are only in the 90 and not in the 100 so that’s nice at least were not sweating like mad anymore.

will that is all for now,


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

wow I swear I didn’t forget about this blog…..

Hey all;

I am soooo sorry I haven’t updated in a while but here I am an I swear I will try harder to update more often.

So we got 2 new merchies who have started and one seems to fit in with us while the other one has already asked to move so we should see how that goes.

It was my Birthday a few days ago and Carrie (a fellow Canadian merchie), Chris (another merchie), Leanna (a UK food and beverage) and I went to Crystal Palace and ate breakfast with Winnie the pooh and friends so I got a picture with Tigger, Piglet, Eyeor and Winnie. We also took part of the Pooh-parade which had all the characters going around the room and there were three 4 year old kids and then my friends, since it was 3 out of 4 of ours birthday within 2 weeks of each other we all got birthday cupcakes and cards signed from the character. That day I also bought a pooh bear and then went and got the duffy Canadian costume and made pooh bear Canadian where he should be in the first place.

I got in touch with the S.T.A.G.E club here at Disney and am now the Assistant stage manager of the play going to be put on, we are going to be doing “The importance of being earnest”, so there is rehersal 5 nights a week but I don’t have to be at all of then since my schedule does not allow that but the one I can make then I go. 

We have a giant crane sitting behind our back office so now we are only able to enter the store by going around and on stage so it become very very annoying at some times, the crane will be moved in Dec. so we still have 3 months to deal with it.

I found out that as of next month I will have a new home when I go back to Canada, My parents have bought a condo and are selling the house so I will have to memorize a new address and figure out how to get around town from there (good thing I have a GPS unit).

Will that is all, I will hopefully get to putting up photos soon.


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

new phone

so lets see what has happened since I last updated,

- we got a few new cast members in Merch. I will meet them on Friday for they didn’t come to the throw in and when they start training on Sunday I have that off and they they have merchentainment on Monday and Discovery day on Tuesday and then the will be off Wednesday and Thursday for that is when there trainer has off so Friday will be they day I meet them, one is apparently 50 years old and they other one is 23 and married so this will be interesting.

- I actually have a 3 day weekend for one girl wanted some more hours and I wanted a long weekend so I gave her my shift.

- A few of my new Co workers have asked me why I didn’t become a trainer apparently I have taught them a bunch of things with out knowing it, they said I had a very good way of explaining things. so what I figure is that even if they didn’t pick me to be a trainer at least I can still help out the new people.

- I got a new phone it’s with metro pcs and it was $29 and I will pay $60 a month which will give me unlimited everything including unlimited text and call.

will that’s it for now.

if you have any questions or comments let me know.


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter.

So in the last few days I have been working. But here are a few things that have happened:

- I got into the course I wanted, it is a course called “Entertainment Show Production Professional Development Study” (https://www.wdwcollegeprogram.com/sap/its/mimes/zh_wdwcp/students/education/edu_pds.html) when I applied for it they put my name onto a waitlist and then picked the students who have majored in theatre and show production, I have majored in theatre so they let me into the course, It should start end of Sept. or beginning of Oct.

- my room mate is gone for a few days and it was a spur of the moment thing, her husband surprised her for their 30th anniversary, yesterday he came and surprised her at work so she got home and told me she was taking off for a few days so now I have the apartment all to myself which is actually weird  and I know by the time I get use to it she will be back.

- Brazilian tour groups are EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere they are at EVERY park and even at the outlet mall that is across the street from housing. Every day they are at Epcot and they travel in packs of 50 so when we make one bracelet all 50 of them decided they want one, even on days off you can’t get away from them you will run into them at all the Disney parks and also at SeaWorld and Universal. We will also go across the street to get to the outlet mall and there will be about 200 of them sitting in the middle of the walkway. 

last thing

- today I went to see Harry Potter and Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh was a little of a disappointment and Pooh bear is my favourite character. but Harry Potter was awesome, I went to see it in the dine in theatre in downtown Disney, it was cool you sit down pick what you want to eat and you have a call button to call your server and you can call them anytime during the movie except the last 45 min. The were also serving there version of Butter beer but I like to stick with universals butter beer. But I was not disappointed with Harry Potter at all this movie they did it right I can’t wit until it comes out onto DVD which I think will be around Christmas. If you haven’t seen Harry Potter yet I suggest you go out and see it.

Will that is all Tonight is games night and we are going to be doing a scavenger hunt so that should be fun.


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Monday, July 11, 2011

I am Alive.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a very long time but I am alive and here I am.

So I applied to be a Disney Trainer, and had my interview it wasn’t that long they had 7 major questions, however I didn’t get the trainer position for I apparently wasn’t bubbly enough, so in Oct. there is another chance and I plan on being really really bubbly.

So we have 2 new people and on Tuesday I believe we are getting one more person.

We had a merch dinner so it gave us a time to get to know each other outside of work.

On July 1st it was Canada Day and when I walked into the pavilion I almost cried for the Pavilion was surrounded in flags, there was a flag for all the provinces and territories, and the Canadian flag everywhere you looked. We had Canadians coming in by the dozen (lol ok maybe it wasn’t that much, but we did have a lot of Canadians coming in), Disney set up a special lunch for us, they gave us pizza and the cheddar cheese soup that is served in the restaurant and some mickey bars, everything was as much as you can eat so that was cool. The day made me feel so proud to be a Canadian and also made me really home sick.

On the 3rd I went to the Magic Kingdom to watch their advance 4th of July it was insanely busy, but the fireworks were awesome and my goal is to get all the special fireworks on tape, so that is all the holidays.

On the 4th, Epcot was not as busy as I thought it would be but it still was busy, I had to do the money drop after closing but my manager was really nice and let me and the others watch the 4th of July fireworks first and the fireworks at Epcot were loud and cool after the final the ground was actually shaking.

I went to a friends birthday a few days ago and we went and have breakfast at Norway's Princess breakfast, it was cool when you come in you get a picture with Cinderella and when you sit down you get a plate of food and you also get to go to the buffet and eat as much as you want and as we ate we met a few more princesses, after breakfast we then walked around Epcot before heading over to Magic Kingdom, we then went to the Polynesian which looks like a wonderful place to stay at.

Yesterday I spent the day at Downtown Disney and also went grocery shopping, and today I went to animal kingdom, we are now in the months where we are being over taken by Brazilian Tour groups and they are EVERYWHERE they are at Wal-Mart, they are at every single Disney park, they are at Sea world, Universal and even the Outlet mall across from us. At the Animal Kingdom I was eating lunch and my table ended up being hijacked by one of the groups, I admit though they asked I said they could sit but it’s funny that the group I was trying to get away from was taking over my table.

I don’t work much closing shifts anymore so that means that I should be able to update a lot more often.

That’s it for now,


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sugar Mama

Hey so I realized I haven’t updated in a while but there is a reason for that and that reason is ….. no time, we have been short staffed in Merch since we lost 3 people about 2 weeks ago, we got 3 new people in last week but this week is the week they started training so for about 3 weeks we each have been getting about 60 hours a week. Next week actually looks nice and is only at 39 hours but that is ok with me, for then it will give me time to do things I have been stalling on.

So as I said we got 3 new people who started, they seem good and we will be getting a new one next week as well.

I went to a information session to become a trainer and put in the paperwork for it so on June 25th we will be told if we move onto the interview stage, hopefully I get though and become a trainer for I really miss teaching.

We had a throw out tonight and I got a basket full of baking stuff and also a title, if you are Canadian you will hear the titles like; ie. Drunk girl, Captain Canada, Rum guy, and so on. Captain Canada is the person who will run all throw ins and throw outs. There is also the title of “Sugar Mama” which is there person who will basically bake random stuff for the pavilion, it is mainly cupcakes for the new Canadians at the throw out but they also bake b-day cakes and so on. Our Sugar Mama is now at the end of her program and needed to throw it down to some one else, will it was discovered that I love to bake so now I am the new Sugar Mama and will be baking for all the throw in.

I get to work open to close for the next 3 days so this will be fun,

I will try to update more often, please comment or ask questions.


Good Morning,

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Good Night