Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 weeks left

wow it is insane to think that all I have left is 11 weeks, 9 months and 3 weeks ago I arrived and didn’t really know what was going on now 9 months and 3 weeks later I still don’t know what is going on…. lol just joking I am now a trainer and actually trained my first trainee.

so since I last updated it has been hectic busy not really with work but with life overall, so during that time I worked on 3 plays back to back, went to school, learned to be a trainer and worked.

Plays: so my last updated I told you about STAGE and Ernest will the director from “Ernest” asked me if I wanted to help on a play he was costume designing at a theatre in town so I helped out at Osceola Center for the Arts with their Christmas show “White Christmas” at the same time an actor from “Ernest” asked me to stage manage their Christmas show “Christmas Cabaret” so I was doing both plays at the same time, I was being shared half the week I was with Brian the Costume designer doing “White Christmas” and the other half of the week I was with Kimille doing “Christmas Cabaret” needless to say I forgot what a day off actually felt like, however both are now done and I am back to having time off so now I need to figure out what to do with my days off and nights.

School: I took a Disney course called "Entertainment Production” it was a 8 week course and it took us on a backstage tour of “Fantasmic” which was awesome, we also got to meet a lot of the producers and casting directors for Disney. My personal favourite networking day was getting to meet the artist of Mulan which is my favourite movie.

Trainer: So I did my Train the Trainer Training and it consist of one four hour class which was a bunch of e-learning and then listening to them tell us what a trainer is and does, then we did a 8 hour class that taught us how to teach and then took us to Mouse gears where we did a basics walk as trainers. the final step was a trainer shadow where I followed a trainer around and they told me how to train people.

Trainee: So after my Trainer shadow I had one day off and then the day after that I had a trainee her name was Becky and she is really nice and caught onto things fast so I think she will go far.

Work: So now that Christmas is sneaking up it is getting more busy and therefor we have more hours, Christmas day I will be working a 9 hour and 45 min day and on new years I get to be off at 5pm so I can see the fireworks.

Will that’s it for now;


Good Morning,

Good Afternoon, and

Good Night.         

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